Africa Job Creation Forum

Accelerating Job Creation, Digital and Financial Inclusion in the AFCFTA market

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Africa Job Creation Forum 

The main objective  is to accelerate the implementation of the AfCFTA through innovations for promoting value addition and industrialization and job creation on the continent.


Having attended this conference, participants should be able to:

  • Connect various players of the African innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem including exhibitions of innovative products and service including the Sokokuu Platform and related initiatives.
  • Create synergies that will pave the way for the African innovation ecosystem to thrive which will in turn create a significant number of jobs in Africa.
  • Discuss relevant policies and practical challenges and opportunities for accelerating job creation in Africa. This will enable participants to exchange good practices and experiences, which can be replicated or adapted to other circumstances.
  • Chart practical solutions in collaboration with policy makers for youth access entrepreneurship opportunities as well as employment.
  • Establish partnerships and cooperation between Africa and other region’s start-ups, and other stakeholders, such as international organizations, incubation hubs, academia, financiers and investors.
  • Provide relevant information and cultural entertainment in the Africa Jobs creation Forum as well as showcasing creative industries such as fashion, arts and digital technologies as part of job creation.  

Targeted Participants
  • Heads of State and Government 
  • Ministers for Gender, Youth and Integration 
  • Ministers of Finance and Central Bank Governors 
  • Private Sector 
  • SMEs supporting organizations 
  • Civil Society organizations especially for Women and Youth 
  • Development Partners 
  • Media

Date & Time
Friday July 07, 2023
Start - 8:00 AM (Africa/Addis_Ababa)
Sunday July 09, 2023
End - 7:00 PM (Africa/Addis_Ababa)

Nelson Mandela Hall, African Union Headquarters

--Nelson Mandela Hall, African Union Headquarters--
--Nelson Mandela Hall, African Union Headquarters--
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