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During this conference, our team will give a detailed overview of our business applications. You’ll know all the benefits of using it.


Having attended this conference, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the various modules;
  • Functional flow of the main applications;
  • Introduction, CRM, Sales Management
  • Purchase, Sales & Purchase management, Financial accounting.
  • Project management, Human resources, Contract management.
  • Warehouse management, Manufacturing (MRP) & Sales, Import/Export.
  • Point of Sale (POS), Introduction to report customization.

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Kabera Billie

AeTrade Group

A captivating speaker who inspires change. With engaging storytelling, she delivers talks on personal growth, leadership, and resilience. Drawing from her diverse background, Billie shares practical insights and strategies for overcoming challenges. Her authenticity and infectious energy motivate audiences to unlock their potential and create a positive impact.

Date & Time
Saturday May 27, 2023
Start - 3:00 PM (Africa/Kigali)
Sunday May 28, 2023
End - 3:00 PM (Africa/Kigali)

Kigali Convention Center

--Kigali Convention Center--
--Kigali Convention Center--
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